What is CHIVO?

The Chilean Virtual Observatory (CHIVO) is a VO developed in Chile and it is one of many VO projects currently underway in the world. It was born out of the need to archive data that require large storage capacities and the need to develop new tools for the analyzing large volumes of data and better algorithms for intelligent processing of astronomical data, this due to the volumes of large scale data that will generate the astronomical observatories in Chile, mainly the ALMA project that will generate over 1TB of data per day, and in this form be to able to store the data in the local territory to optimize the observation time of the chilean astronomers. Chivo is an initiative of the five most prestigious universities in the country, supported by the private institutions ALMA and REUNA. In addition of the use of the VO by scientists of astronomy area, the VO will be useful too for the students of schools, especially of schools of rural areas.

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Recent News

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El Observatorio Virtual Chileno (ChiVO) es uno de los proyectos actualmente en curso en el mundo que busca contener los datos astronómicos en sistema transparente, permitiendo que la información esté a disposición de todos los investigadores, independiente de su...

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IVOA Newsletter 012 - May 2014

The May 2014 issue of the IVOA Newsletter is now available. This biannual newsletter for astronomers is intended to highlight new capabilities of VO tools and technologies for doing astronomy research. It also lists recent papers and upcoming events.